Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is Celcom Game Hero Portal? (Celcom Game Hero)
    • Celcom Game Hero is a subscription based game portal that offers on-going game tournament(s)/contest(s) and unlimited free android game downloads to Celcom subscribers. The subscription fee for Celcom Game Hero is at RM3.00 per week. Celcom Game Hero hosts games tournament(s) and is open to all Celcom subscribers for participation. All game tournament(s) provides exciting prizes and the prizes of each game tournament/contest is displayed in
  2. Game Tournament(s)/Contest(s)
    • Celcom Game Hero hosts on-going game tournaments throughout the year and the duration of each tournament will be displayed in For each tournament, a game title will be released as the tournament game. Subscribers to Celcom Game Hero can download the game and play the game to reach the highest rank on the Leaderboard to win the offered prizes. Prizes may differ from one game tournament to the next.
  3. How to subscribe to Celcom Game Hero portal?
    • There are 2 ways to subscribe to Celcom Game Hero. Subscription can be via:
      1. Visit
      2. Game application
  4. What is Reconfirmation Subscription of SMS?
    • If user did not subscribe to the service, user can stop the service to the corresponding short code.
  5. How to participate in the tournament game?
    • Celcom Game Hero will announce a game title for each tournament. To participate, a subscriber need to do the following :
      1. Subscribe to Celcom Game Hero portal.
      2. Download the game title announced for tournament.
      3. Play the game and upload the score.
      4. Maintain active subscription for the entire campaign period.
  6. In game credit – GEM
    • GEMs are a virtual currency that can be used to:
      1. Use to open Lucky Chest game
    • 3 free GEMs will be given every 3 hours for Celcom Game Hero subscribers.
    • 3 free GEMs will be given every 24 hours for non-subscribers.
    • Alternatively, subscribers have the option to purchase more GEMs to continue with the game play.
  7. GEM - Purchase options
    • There are 8 packages available for the GEMs purchase for all tournament game(s). A subscriber may choose either one of the following packages based on requirement.
      Package Price Number of GEMs
      Small Pack RM 3.90 4 GEMs
      Medium Pack RM 7.90 9 GEMs
      Big Pack RM 16.90 20 GEMs
      Bronze Pack RM 29.90 40 GEMs
      Silver Pack RM 39.90 60 GEMs
      Gold Pack RM 59.90 100 GEMs
      Crystal Pack RM 99.90 200 GEMs
      Diamond Pack RM 139.90 300 GEMs

    • Please note that:
      1. The monthly limit is cap at RM200.
      2. For subscriber that is using duo sim card mobile phone, GEMs purchase via Celcom billing can only be done at SIM 1. Upload score for the tournament can only be done through SIM 1 as well.
  8. What is Reconfirmation of Purchase SMS?
    • If user did not purchase for the selected package, user may contact our customer service through Celcom Facebook
  9. GEMs and Validity
    • All GEMs purchased will remain in the Celcom Game Hero individual game account that the subscriber created.
      1. It is available for the following tournament game (with same game title) if the current contest had expired.
      2. If the subscriber had unsubscribed from Celcom Game Hero portal and re-subscribe (with the same mobile phone account in Celcom), the unused GEMs will be available for the following game contest (with same game title).
    • Please note that GEMs will be forfeited and reset if the subscriber:
      1. Ports out to another network.
      2. Terminates the mobile subscription with Celcom.
  10. What is Lucky Chest?
    • Lucky Chest is a fun fortune game filled with valuable prizes such as RM50, RM100 and RM200 Xpax Top Up and GEMs.
  11. How can I play Lucky Chest ?
    • To open a Lucky Chest, simply select the Lucky Chest you want, or “Open Now" (Website) button. GEM is required to open a Lucky Chest and you have to be an active Celcom Game Hero subscriber.
  12. Can I change my username on the Leaderboard?
    • Your username can only be set one time upon submitting your score for the first time
  13. Can I upload my Score to the Leaderboard if I'm not a Celcom Game Hero subscriber?
    • No,if you are not a subscriber, you are unable to upload your score to the Leaderboard.